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Outstanding Success of the Conference and Training in Beijing
Posted by Dmitriy TS on 24 October 2016 06:54 PM

ACE Lab presented the latest technologies for SSD, Flash, RAID, VM recovery at the free Technology Conference in Beijing, China on the 10th of October, 2016. The presentations were made on the basis of the latest software version with a vast pool of new features.

The conference gathered a lot of attendees from China eager to work with the safest, most stable and most professional data recovery technologies. The participants were pleasantly surprised to get so much useful technical information at a free event – such a thing rarely happens at other events, yet is usual for ACE Lab conferences.

The Chinese customers say that, despite other offers on the market, the PC-3000 is the most desired product due to the excellent reputation and technical perfection of ACE Lab technologies. No other tool compares to PC-3000 quality and professionalism, and the highest technical level of our presentations has again proved this fact.

The conference was followed by a series of data recovery training sessions where ACE Lab instructors taught how to make the most of PC-3000 tools.



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Regular NAND/Monolith Recovery Training in North America
Posted by Maxim TS on 14 October 2016 02:45 PM

Along with the well-established training courses in Europe and Asia, ACE Lab training sessions in North America have become the best place to receive hands-on experience and learn latest techniques in recovering data from the biggest number of storage devices.

The next 4-day NAND/Monolith Recovery training classes in the North America are scheduled for December and will be led by an experienced ACE Lab engineer, one of PC-3000 Flash developers.

A large section of training is dedicated to newly-developed data recovery techniques for damaged monolith devices.

TO SIGN UP FOR THE TRAINING, follow this link or email

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New Set of Adapters for Monoliths
Posted by Filipp TS on 13 September 2016 05:46 PM

ACE Lab team has developed new adapters for recovering data from monolithic flash devices. You will be able to recover data from several monoliths at a time using the convenient Multiboard with replaceable modules and recover data from SD, microSD memory cards and MMC, eMMC chips with our new Card Adapter. 

Multiboard Soldering Adapter with Replaceable Modules

This adapter is designed for soldering NAND-chips in various form factors and connecting them to PC-3000 Flash Reader (Ver. 3 or 4). The device consists of a main Multiboard adapter and replaceable modules: Monolith, LGA52/TSOP48, BGA152/VBGA100. This approach allows to quickly switch between tasks and use hot air on microchips without the risk of damaging the adapter.

Multiboard soldering adapter - contents

 Main Multiboard adapter with a socket for replaceable modules.


Monolith soldering replaceable module

LGA52 and TSOP48 soldering replaceable module

BGA152 and VBGA100 soldering replaceable module


Card Adapter (SD, microSD, MMC, eMMC)

Specialized Card Adapter for PC-3000 Flash has been developed for reading out data from SD, microSD memory cards and MMC, eMMC chips in technomode. Technomode allows to access data on the card without disassembling it. This makes working with memory cards much more convenient and greatly facilitates forensic investigations. The adapter is connected to PC-3000 Flash Reader Ver. 3 or 4 (Flash Reader Ver. 3 requires power supply adapter). The new adapter has two slots for SD and microSD cards as well as soldering area for MMC/eMMC chips, frequently used in mobile devices and smartphones. The adapter is equipped by two independent power supply circuits for more efficient work with damaged memory cards.

These new adapters will be available in the Advanced Monolith Set of adapters for PC-3000 Flash.

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Changes in authorization!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 06 July 2016 07:04 PM

Dear PC-3000 Owners!

We launched our over a year ago, and now we have a huge number of articles with helpful data recovery tips and detailed description of different issues that a data recovery engineer may face.
Many of you agree that the ACE Lab Blog contains exceptionally valuable information for the PC-3000 users.
Supporting the PC-3000 Owners in mastering the best data recovery techniques, we make our Blog open only for the official PC-3000 Owners.

Starting from the 6th of July, 2016, only the official PC-3000 Owners can get access to all the information in our Blog. The Blog becomes partially closed for non-registered users.


Some of the articles will still remain open for everyone. (Marked with green color in the List of Articles)


For getting access to all the articles in the Blog, you need to have an account in our official Forum:
The login and password will be the same for the Forum and for the Blog.

We are happy that you have found our Blog useful and worth visiting. We will continue to publish interesting materials and latest PC-3000 news every week!

P.S. If for some reason you still have no account at our Forum – please fill in the registration form. To activate your new account, we will verify your PC-3000 serial number and your company email. So please don't forget to provide the correct information during registration. Otherwise, your new account will not be activated.

P.P.S. In case of any troubles with authorization - please, contact ACE Lab TS.

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ACE Lab Training Classes enjoy Worldwide Success
Posted by Dmitriy TS on 25 May 2016 08:24 PM

We can proudly say that the ACE Lab training classes are attracting more and more engineers and our geography is getting broader. The PC-3000 owners from over 50 countries have already visited the ACE Lab training.

The training sessions are held in Europe practically every month and now they are conducted in the USA on the regular basis as well.

On May 2-5, 2016, one more NAND/Monolith Recovery training took place in the USA.The May training session repeated the previous success and again attracted a lot of data recovery professionals from the USA and Canada, including the representatives of government agencies.

The training has fully met and even exceeded the attendees' expectations.
Everyone was impressed with the opportunity to bring their own Flash cases to the training and to do real-life recovery under the guidance of the tutor. The practical tasks have been very helpful for getting advanced skills in monolith recovery and soldering.

ACE conference ACE conference ACE conference

All our training sessions are conducted by the highly qualified and ACE Lab certified tutors who have years of teaching experience.

The ACE Lab training is visited by:

  • data recovery companies
  • government agencies
  • forensic experts
  • everyone who wants to recover data professionally

ACE Lab provides training for all types of storage devices:

  • HDD
  • SSD
  • Flash drives
  • Monoliths

Which level of training is offered:

  • Basic/Intermediate level
  • Advanced level

Why is the ACE Lab training unique and the most profound?

  • In-depth theory creates a solid foundation for your further work
  • A vast range of practical tasks
  • The training is based on real-life cases
  • A great chance to become familiar with the most advanced technologies
  • You will be among the first to master the newest PC-3000 features
  • Great advantages of being certified by ACE Lab


To apply for the training in the USA or Europe, click here or contact the ACE Lab Training Coordinator.
As the demand is very high, please book your attendance in advance.

ACE conference ACE conference ACE conference
ACE conference ACE conference ACE conference
ACE conference ACE conference ACE conference

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