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PC-3000 Technology for Data Recovery and Forensics Technical Conference
Posted by Administrator ACE on 15 August 2017 05:47 PM

Do you want to be at the forefront of the data recovery technology? If so, welcome to our “PC-3000 Technology for Data Recovery and Forensics Technical Conference”! The event is scheduled for the 4th of September, 2017 (Seoul, South Korea).

This free one-day conference will be conducted by ACE Lab together with our South Korean distributor Myung Information Technology Co., LTD. It will be followed by a series of specialized training sessions.
At the conference and training seminars, you will learn the newest technologies for recovering data and digital evidence from HDD, RAID, SSD and NAND-based devices (Flash & Monoliths).

The attendance reservation is actively underway in South Korea. The conference program and other details are here.

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New bunch of engineers are ready to face any data recovery challenge!
Posted by Maxim TS on 14 August 2017 11:20 AM

A summer vacation is the best time for travelling and… education! Another dozen of training sessions has been conducted for the ACE Lab customers at the class in Prague, the Czech Republic. Over the last 2 months, data recovery specialists and digital forensics experts from many countries attended our Training Courses.

At these courses, students learned how to solve the most widespread tasks, as well as the most difficult cases on their own. In spite of the different proficiency levels, each participant showed excellent results upon the completion of the training sessions. All of them received the official ACE Lab certificates.

Sharing knowledge and experience is the important part of our job. And the best award for us is the feedback from our customers after the training courses. Here is what Maxime Sauvayre says about our recent seminar on HDD recovery:

“I was expecting a lot from this training, and all my expectations were fulfilled, and even more. I was able to deepen my knowledge, and I think I'm now able to solve many more cases. Thanks again for this excellent training.”

You can see more testimonials on other training courses here.

Participating in our events and seminars is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of all the recent technologies and prepare for any data recovery challenge. Our training sessions help every data recovery specialist and digital forensics expert to come home much more experienced and qualified.

If you want to learn about our training programs or reserve your attendance at the upcoming training, please contact our Training Coordinator Ms. Kate at




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The complete video guide to unlock the Seagate F3 Rosewood drives
Posted by Administrator ACE on 01 August 2017 11:38 AM

Our long-awaited Seagate F3 solution has received a lot of feedback. To make the Rosewood drives unlocking process even clearer, our developers and top engineers have shot a video guide on how to unlock the Techno Mode in the Seagate F3 HDDs.

From this guide, you’ll learn how to use the Tech Mode Unlock in case of the “Diagnostic Port Locked” report. We will take you step by step through the HDD repairing process of our patient drive.

Watch this video instruction and start solving the Rosewood drives cases right now!

Furthermore, the new PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver. 6.3.14 is waiting for you in your Customer Update Boxes. With the new version, our software has become even more efficient and powerful!

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.
Please contact us to get information on how to receive the latest PC-3000 Software Updates.

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Unlocking the Seagate F3 Rosewood drives is possible now!
Posted by Maxim TS on 24 July 2017 01:05 PM

The following English, Japanese and Chinese software updates for PC-3000 and DE are released today:

  • PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver. 6.3.12
  • Data Extractor v.5.6.8

You’ve been waiting for it!

The long-anticipated solution to the burning issue of recovering data from locked Seagate F3 Rosewood HDDs is pioneered by ACE Lab. The new update is a real breakthrough for everyone who works with Rosewood-family drives! 

Please, read our Blog article to learn more about the unlocking process of the Rosewood Drives.

The main enhancements: 

Seagate F3

  • Added Tech Mode Unlock for HDDs (including Rosewood drives)
  • Added the ability to upload the Loader via Terminal

WD Marvell, Hitachi-IBM-Arm

  • Added new “Unlock techno mode access” for video recorders’ HDDs.

Data Extractor

  • Greatly improved parsing algorithm for damaged XFS and HFS+ file systems
  • You can now proceed with an aborted scan on the map in “RAW recovery” mode
  • Enhanced algorithms of building directory map and files saving operations

Detailed list of enhancements:

For PC-3000 Express, UDMA-E, Portable

Seagate F3

  • Improved “Utility status” dialogue box: auto scan of HDD parameters is off
  • Improved auto detect procedure of SA’s physical sector size
  • Added support for the following HDD families: Pharaoh_Oasis, M10TDP, V9, Rosewood (8C), Rosewood (A5)
  • Tech Mode Unlock procedure has been improved. It now works on all family drives with the signed microprogram (including Rosewood)
  • Remastered ROM Read-Write procedure for Rosewood-family drives: you can manually set the size of ROM and the type of writing procedure
  • ROM Read-Write procedures added for Rosewood-family group: data transfer protocol YModem
  • Increased the loading speed of ROM Read-Write procedure
  • Added support for new terminal frequencies: 3Mbaud, and 6Mbaud – for the new PC-USB-Terminal III adapter
  • The initializer of Sys Files lists has been rewritten to a new architecture
  • Added the possibility to initialize the list of Sys Files from the T>y report
  • The ability to upload the Loader via Terminal has been added
  • Added the possibility to apply or delete the "Tech Mode Unlocking Preparation, (Patch)" (had been called "Grenada Tech Unlock Prepare" before)

Hitachi IBM-ARM

  • The ROM size of 512KB is readable for all HDD now. The utility writes 256KB for the previously saved resources and 512KB for the newly saved resources
  • The number of blocks increases. Blocks 0,1 are the active configuration of NV-RAM, blocks 2-4 are logs, block 5 is E2CH (depending on the FW version, some blocks can be unsupported by the drive)
  • Added an unlock "Unlock techno mode access" (usually for HDDs from DVR). The mode is placed in the Start menu of utility

WD Marvell

  • Added an unlock "Unlock techno mode access" for HDDs with setting up 'locked HDD' flag in module 02 (usually for HDDs from DVR). The mode is placed in the "Service information" menu and in the entry dialogue (context menu of the "HDD" button)


  • "Addition the defects from S-LIST" menu in the defects editor has been added
  • Added Warning alert of S-LIST module overwriting, in the case of defect saving

USB Toshiba

  • Fixed the bug which caused task creation error in Data Extractor

Data Extractor

  • For XFS: modified algorithm for parsing corrupted metadata
  • For HFS+: the enhanced procedure of files formation in case of heavily fragmented native FS
  • Optimised catalogue circumvent algorithm used for catalogues' map creating and files saving
  • "RAW recovery" mode: added ability to continue interrupted search by map
  • Search by map has been remastered (the search went beyond the map in some cases earlier)

Data Extractor RAID Edition

  • Configuration auto detection by MDADM 1.x metadata has been improved
  • Fixed issue with adding File image to RAID members

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions. 
Please contact us to get information how to receive the latest PC-3000 Software Updates.

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We are glad to announce that all users of PC-3000 Express Rev. 1.0. can upgrade their hardware to Rev. 2.0

All you need is to get the new Intelligent Power Supply Unit and install it manually by yourself instead of the previous version of the power supply unit. 
It is a good way to get the latest most comprehensive data recovery tool for more efficient work in your data recovery lab.
With the new Intelligent Power Supply Unit you may use its oscilloscope functions for detecting more failures of your HDDs. Moreover, this upgrade will increase the data transfer rate, enhance the SATA ports stability and ensure better compatibility with modern PC power supply units. To read more about the features and to check the price, click here.

P.S. More about PC-3000 Express rev 2.0 functionality you can read in our ACELab blog article.

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