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ACELab Technical Support during Winter Holidays 2017
Posted by Administrator ACE on 26 December 2016 12:02 PM

Please kindly note that ACE Lab TS will be working in the limited time shift mode during Winter Holidays from the 31st of December the till 9th of January. If you need assistance with TeamViewer, please, contact us on Monday, 9th of January. Until then we can guide you only with short tips and simple replies.

If you have any urgent questions about PC-3000 registrations, please call +7 909 4358 999 or use our Technical Support Ticket System

If you haven't received your activation/*.act file from
or, please send *.arf file via ticket in our Technical Support System.

The Technical Support Team will be available on the special holiday schedule during these days.

It is recommended to activate your PC-3000 Upgrade kits before the 31th of December.
Up to that time, the ACE Lab Technical Support department works on a standard schedule (10:00 AM – 00:00 PM Midnight Moscow time, GMT +04:00 ), and your activation will be processed quickly.
During the New Year holidays, activation will require more time.

All requests will be processed through tickets at Live Chat Online and Team Viewer will be available starting from the 9th of January.

Don't forget to use our Forum and our Blog – you can find a lot of answers to popular questions there.

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Merry Holidays and Happy New Year!
Posted by Filipp TS on 22 December 2016 06:17 PM

Another year has passed, and we are happy to accompany our partners and customers on the journey to the ultimate data recovery. In the year 2017, we wish you all most rewarding professional experience and fruitful partnerships, great discoveries and personal achievements.

The year was rich with technological advances and exciting events for ACE Lab and the data recovery community. The development team introduced a great deal of powerful features and forensic opportunities in the latest software updates for PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable/SAS, upgraded PC-3000 Flash to version 4.0 and launched new sets of adapters for Flash and SSD.

A lot of events were organized by ACE Lab: over 30 training sessions, conferences in China and the largest data recovery conference on the “Breakthrough in recovering data from self-encrypting Seagate drives” in Prague. ACE Lab also attended closed forensic meetings in Europe and China. And, of course, the highlight of the year was the Grand opening of the new ACE Lab Europe office with the biggest training facility for all kinds of data recovery courses.

We celebrate the success of the past year and anticipate great accomplishments of the coming year with you in our minds and hearts.

It is your feedback and support that drives our company to perfection, and ACE Lab team would like to express sincere gratitude to all our customers, partners and members of the data recovery community.

We wish you prosperity, happiness and professional success!

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ACE Lab held over 30 training sessions in 2016
Posted by Filipp TS on 22 December 2016 12:22 PM

ACE Lab conducted over 30 data recovery training sessions in 2016. The sessions were held worldwide - in Europe, Asia, and North America. More than 200 people participated in these seminars and workshops.

In November 2016 the biggest vendor-provided data recovery training facility opened its doors at the new ACE Lab Europe office. Since then over 10 data recovery seminars have already been held there, and participants appreciated the new training programmes, cutting-edge tech and spacious classroom.

The year was concluded with a PC-3000 NAND/Monolith Recovery training sessions for forensic and government specialists with the Teel Technologies company in the US.



In 2016 we expanded our scope of subjects. Now the PC-3000 training courses encompass the widest range of topics on data recovery from various storage devices: HDD, SSD, Flash/Monolith and RAID storage. The HDD and Flash courses come in Expert and Advanced levels, catering for data recovery beginners and experienced engineers. And we are broadening the range of training services to include new directions and formats.



Our trainees are eager to share their impressions after the courses. Here is what Johathan Borgeaud from Kudelski Security, Switzerland, said about a recent training session on Flash recovery:

“I took part in ACE Labs training in December 2016, and to be honest it was a real honor to be trained by Roman. He knows everything about SSD and flash recovery, and it has been a great value for me to benefit from his experience. I recommend attending to this training to everyone who wants to do serious flash recovery. Thank you for your professionalism and your availability.”

You can see more of the testimonials on other training courses here.



In 2016 ACE Lab’s training sessions revealed best data recovery practice for hundreds of people. The next year promises to be even richer in training opportunities. If you want to know more about our programmes or reserve your attendance in coming seminars, please contact our training coordinator Kate at

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New Adapters for PC-3000 Express and UDMA Available Now
Posted by Pavel TS on 16 December 2016 06:13 PM

Used in laptops, desktops and external storage devices, SSD and USB technologies are becoming more popular, with more recovery cases coming every day.

To meet this challenge, three new adapters for PC-3000 Express and UDMA have been developed:

  • SATA-M.2 (SSD);

From now on, the PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 UDMA delivery kits will be supplied with these new adapters.

The SSD adapters allow to connect M.2 and mSATA SSD drives to the PC-3000.

These adapters are indispensable for all Express and UDMA users who want to handle Solid-State Drive cases with the widespread mSATA and M.2 form factors.

The PC-USB PWR adapter makes data recovery from malfunctioning USB devices quicker and easier, providing power switch functionality and automating resetting process in the Data Extractor.

SSD SATA-M.2 Adapter for PC-3000 Express/UDMA 


The new adapter is designated to connect SSD devices based on M.2 Key B or Key (B+M) interface to the PC-3000 ports. This type of drives uses a SATA interface in a small-sized M.2 form factor. The adapter has a 3.3 V power supply indicator and a drive activity indicator. It is compatible with single and double-sided modules, classes D1-D5, sized Type 2230, Type 2242, Type 2260, Type 2280.

SSD SATA-mSATA Adapter for PC-3000 Express/UDMA


The new adapter connects mSATA-interfaced SSD devices to the PC-3000 ports. This type of SSD has a SATA interface in a small-sized mSATA form factor. The adapter is equipped with a 3.3 V power supply indicator and a drive activity indicator. It is compatible with Full Size and Half Size modules.

PC-USB PWR Adapter for PC-3000 Express/UDMA


The new adapter has been developed to turn on/off the power supply of an individual USB device, connectable to standard PC ports. It enables the PC-3000 to work with:

  • External storage drives
  • USB Flash drives
  • Card readers
  • Other USB devices

The adapter is especially useful in cases when a device allows access to data, but freezes or requires resetting to continue working correctly. The adapter automates the resetting process and enables the engineer to control it via the Data Extractor, without the need to manually plug the cable.

USB 1.0, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 devices are supported.

All of these adapters are now included in delivery kits for PC-3000 Express and UDMA.
To order the new adapters, please send a message to or contact your personal sales representative.

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New Sets of Adapters for PC-3000 Flash in Stock Now
Posted by Pavel TS on 09 December 2016 11:41 AM

To make data recovery from Flash devices more cost-effective and convenient for engineers, ACE Lab has now introduced Sets of adapters for dedicated purposes. These Sets can be bought in addition to PC-3000 Flash. 

The PC-3000 Flash users can get:

Monolith Set

A new solution, ideal for engineers who focus on data recovery from MicroSD, SecureDigital and UFD devices in monolith form factors.


  • Multiboard Adapter - 1 pc.
  • Replaceable Monolith Modules - 2 pcs.
  • LGA-52 / TSOP-48 Module - 1 pc.
  • BGA-152 / VBGA-100 Module - 1 pc.
  • Card Adapter - 1 pc.

New Monolith Set adapters are supported by the latest PC-3000 Flash software version 7.0.5.

Extended Set

Optimal for experts who recover data from less frequent microchips seen in Flash storage devices in a typical, non-monolith form factor. Thus, engineers can be prepared to work productively even with the rarest cases.


  • TSSOP-56 adapter - 1 pc.
  • VBGA-100 adapter - 1 pc.
  • LGA-52 [12x17] adapter - 1 pc.


Both Sets allow you to save up to 35% on the bundle purchase compared to the cost you would pay buying these adapters separately.   

To order the Adapter Sets, please contact or your personal sales representative.

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