ACE Lab’s latest innovations at GCC Forensic Science Conference in Abu Dhabi
Posted by Administrator ACE on 23 November 2017 02:16 PM

Due to the high demand for PC-3000 products among digital forensic experts and government agencies in the Middle East, ACE Lab together with Anytech LLC visited the GCC Forensic Science Conference to share the latest innovations in recovering evidence from damaged storage devices.

The GCC conference was held on November 14-16, 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It was a great event to enhance relations with representatives of law enforcement and the private sector in the Gulf Cooperation Countries.


Our team demonstrated the main forensic features of PC-3000 solutions:

  • Recovering digital evidence from both healthy and physically/logically damaged drives of all types
  • The opportunity to protect the drives’ data integrity from OS influence due to the connection through the PC-3000 board
  • Full, partial or temporary restoration of damaged data storage devices operability
  • Bypassing drive password protection
  • Getting access to the Service Area to obtain the digital evidence that can be hidden there

What is more, there is a possibility to export data into *.E01;*.aff;*.s01;*.001 forensic file extensions to proceed with further investigations. 

Conference and expo attendees were really impressed by ACE Lab solutions functionality. They could see that the PC-3000 products provide unrivalled opportunities to get digital evidence when no other methods work.

Generally, GCC Forensic Science Conference have become a perfect place to network, share experience and find the ways of cooperation in solving the most challenging tasks in Digital Forensics.

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Precious knowledge & practice at ACE Lab training in the USA and Canada
Posted by Administrator ACE on 15 November 2017 04:53 PM

ACE Lab data recovery training conducted together with our partners Teel Technologies USA and Teel Technologies Canada had a huge success! For the first time, North American data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts could attend the PC-3000 HDD & SSD Data Recovery Training in their countries.

Along with the Flash & Monolith Data Recovery Training, HDD & SSD training became the integral part of ACE Lab regular training program in North America.

Over 30 data recovery engineers and digital forensics experts joined us. They got essential knowledge about recovering data and digital evidence and already began to solve the cases that they previously hadn't been able to handle.

These courses were not just step-by-step guides - the attendees discovered the troubleshooting techniques for issues faced on a regular basis. With in-depth theory and unique practical tasks they learned how to solve both widespread and the most difficult and sophisticated cases. Just look what they said after the training:

Both Mikhail and Victor are AWESOME teachers who are very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about data recovery. They were very patient with us. The knowledge that I gained from this class is absolutely priceless. Since I have been back from the class I have been able to solve 3 data recovery cases that I know I would never have been able to do before. THANK YOU ACE LAB!

Fraser Corrance


Great course not only covering the how, but also the why of PC3K operation. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get a grasp of how to approach data recovery tasks with the tool.

Natalia Rakowski

Excellent training. Mikhail is an excellent instructor that maintained a very good pace of instruction.

David Swartzendruber

Can’t wait to meet all our clients from North America on our training in the USA and Canada next time!

Hundreds of specialists have been already certified by ACE Lab in many countries of the world. Very soon our regular training on Flash, SSD and HDD data recovery in Prague, the Czech Republic, will start. Only few places left! Please contact our Training Coordinator Kate at to join the next training.

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ACE Lab to exhibit at GCC Forensic Science Conference 2017
Posted by Administrator ACE on 10 November 2017 08:30 PM

Welcome to visit our booth!

ACE Lab together with Anytech LLC is going to exhibit at the GCC Forensic Science Conference 2017 in Abu Dhabi. Our team will be there to demonstrate the latest achievements in recovering data and digital evidence from damaged storage devices.

We invite all our customers to meet with us at Booth #29, Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, on November 14-16, 2017. It's a great opportunity to look at the PC-3000 products, discuss the most burning data recovery issues and ask technical questions directly to ACE Lab engineers.

We look forward to meet everyone during the exhibition to talk over the newest trends, developments and challenges of the industry. See more about the conference here.

Not attending the Conference? Contact us today for more information on any of our solutions for recovering data and digital evidence from damaged storage devices:

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The new PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.1.1. is available!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 09 November 2017 12:58 PM

The following English, Japanese and Chinese software update is released:

  • PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.1.1.

The release includes an incredibly convenient feature of automatic error correction - “Intelligent ReRead mode”. To correct the bit errors, simply run this mode and go for a coffee drink , while the PC-3000 Flash reader does the job for you. All the actions and commands available in this mode are detailed in the list of enhancements. Please, read our Blog article to learn more about this mode.

On the top of that, most of the tasks are now performed in the background. With this novelty you will save a lot of time and will be able to use the PC-3000 resources more efficiently!

ATTENTION! Before running the PC-3000 Flash 7.1.1. installation file, you must close all active windows of the PC-3000 (Express, UDMA, Flash, Portable, SAS). Otherwise, expect errors during the installation process.

Other main enhancements in PC-3000 Flash software ver. 7.1.1.:

  • PC-3000 Resource manager has been added. The manager helps to monitor open tasks, switch between them, see which parameters had been used.
  • New algorithm of “ReadRetry mode checking” has been added. It checks whether different ReadRetry algorithms for new NAND chips or for those chips that don’t have a support of ReadRetry in chip parameters can be applied.
  • New resources (XOR, ECC, Page transformations, Chips ID, reading rules, ReadRetry types) have been added.

Detailed list of enhancements:

What has been changed?

  1. “Block number Sandisk” algorithm has been improved. The quality of image building has been increased. New modes have been included in the image building algorithm.
  2. “Block number SM SD/CF” and it's “updates” algorithm has been improved.
  3. “Translator PS8035” and it's “updates” algorithm has been improved.
  4. “Translator ITE1167” and it's “updates” algorithm has been improved.
  5. Algorithm of preparing for “Block Rotation” has been improved. New translator error handling algorithm has been added.
  6. The tool “Transformation of XOR map” has been improved.
  7. The tool “Copy information about a chip” has been improved.
  8. “Block number Innostar» algorithm has been improved, new algorithm of recovery has been added.
  9. “CBM” algorithm of image building has been significantly improved. Quality of working process has been increased for the cases with non-standard Bank size.

What’s new?

1. PC-3000 Flash software has been completely translated on UNICODE type.

2. Now it is possible to launch a separated task or a group of tasks or external applications which help to improve stability. Also, the limitation for 2Gb of RAM per task has been removed. 

When you run the next instance of the application, you will need to specify if it uses the adapter. To simplify this operation you can create a custom shortcut for each application type. 

3. PC-3000 Resource manager has been added to the software. The manager helps to monitor open tasks, switch between them, see which parameters had been used.

4. New NAND chips with capacity of 16-64GB, which are used by MLCx3 algorithm, have been added in the software base;

5. New algorithm of “ReadRetry mode checking” has been added. It checks whether different ReadRetry algorithms for new NAND chips or for those chips that don’t have a support of ReadRetry in chip parameters can be applied.

6. New “Intelligent ReRead mode” has been added in the software. Now, the procedure of ECC correction and readout is completely automatized and contains of several steps:

  • Generation of ReRead Map with deep analysis of pages;
  • Sub-map of uncorrected sectors is built based on previously created ReRead Map;
  • The most effective type of ReadRetry will be chosen by special sample;
  • Fast readout of sub-map will be applied with the same type of ReadRetry;
  • Automatic selection of voltage supply and evaluation of the most effective voltage;
  • A quick re-reading of the remaining sub-map of uncorrected pages with the constant most effective voltage;
  • Rereading the remaining area of the sub-map of uncorrected pages with a full listing of ReadRetry types;
  • Reading the remaining sub-map area of uncorrected pages with a full range of power supply.

The current execution phase can be skipped with the transition to the next. Also the manual execution of each of the stages is made possible. Availability of each stage is determined by the capabilities of the equipment and task parameters.

7. New background modes have been added:

  • Reading of NAND chips;
  • ECC correction;
  • GREP search;
  • RAW Recovery.

Background analysis allows to work with different tasks at the same time, to analyse and to search for solutions without waiting on important operations such as ECC correction or ReReading to complete. And also run the processes in parallel on several results.

8. New ECC codes for modern chips have been added.

9. New ReadRetry modes have been added.

10. New types of resources have been added: new chip IDs, XORs, page structures, reading rules.

11. New dynamic XOR for SK, PS and CBM controllers have been added.

12. Implemented asynchronous drawing of the map, which allows slow direct read mode or complex recalculation of the ECC to cancel the mode or change the parameters.

13. Added the ability to skip the current chain during the re-reading process, added information on the overall status of the re-reading process, allowing you to estimate the required time.

14. For Spider Board adapter a new modes of “Pinout autodetection” and “Check pins only” have been added. You can find full description of these algorithms in Chapter 10 of Spider Board manual in personal Update Box.


ATTENTION! Read carefully the Chapter 10.3 "Pinout Autodetect procedure (Version 1.0)" on the page 21 of the renewed PC3000FlashSpiderBoard.pdf in your Update Box

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.

Please contact us to get the information on how to receive the latest PC-3000 Software Updates.

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ACE Lab successfully participated in the Forensic Technology Day, Germany
Posted by Administrator ACE on 13 October 2017 09:08 PM

PC-3000 solutions are getting more and more popular among forensic investigators, cyber crime experts and government agencies. For this reason, ACE Lab was invited to take part in the Forensic Technology Day (FT-Day), Germany's largest IT-forensics event, to showcase our unique technologies in recovering digital evidence from damaged storage devices.

This closed two-day event was hosted by our German partner mh SERVICE GmbH on the 27th and 28th of September in Karlsruhe. Only the most experienced vendors from many countries took part in it.



The FT-day consisted of three parts: the conference, the exhibition and the workshops.

On the first day, our speakers participated in the speech slots section. Lots of visitors eagerly asked questions about the PC-3000 features and wanted to know what challenges can be tackled by ACE Lab technologies.

As for the exhibition, our stand gathered a lot of visitors around it, as the attendees were astonished and impressed by the PC-3000 product functionality.

On the second day, we held the workshop which attracted twice as many participants as estimated. The participants could find out the solutions to a wide range of real-life cases that can be faced in the digital forensics area.

The FT-Day 2017 was a perfect venue for more than 160 experts to discuss the newest trends, developments and challenges of the IT-forensic industry. And ACE Lab was glad to become a part of it!

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New enhanced PC-3000 UDMA is getting even more efficient!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 13 October 2017 08:15 PM

PC-3000 UDMA has really become a main “workhorse” for daily use in every serious data recovery lab. It has gone from strength to strength since its release in the market, and it's just hit another milestone - 10 000 of PC-3000 UDMA boards are already sold!

We continue to renovate and update the solutions for you. And today it’s our pleasure to announce that your main data recovery tool has been refreshed! As a result of the changes, PC-3000 UDMA has become even more stable and faster.

Main enhancements in the new PC-3000 UDMA:

  1. The new 88SA8052-64 QFN Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/Sec bridge chipset. The data transfer speed and the SATA ports stability have been increased.
  2. Jam-resistant package of coils with the 1.2V and 3.3V power supply regulator on Xilinx chipset. The stability of power supply and electromagnetic compatibility have been improved.
  3. Enhanced circuitry of the power control adapter. The connection of balanced capacitors has been changed. The printed board of the adapter has been improved for large currents.
  4. A highly reliable power supply connector - SATA POWER - has been used. The safety and stability of HDD power supply have been boosted.


It’s high time to upgrade the previous version of your PC-3000 PCI and green PC-3000 UDMA to the newest PC-3000 UDMA or PC-3000 Express functionality!

To get the renewed PC-3000 UDMA, please send a message to or contact your personal sales representative.

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