New enhanced PC-3000 UDMA is getting even more efficient!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 13 October 2017 08:15 PM

PC-3000 UDMA has really become a main “workhorse” for daily use in every serious data recovery lab. It has gone from strength to strength since its release in the market, and it's just hit another milestone - 10 000 of PC-3000 UDMA boards are already sold!

We continue to renovate and update the solutions for you. And today it’s our pleasure to announce that your main data recovery tool has been refreshed! As a result of the changes, PC-3000 UDMA has become even more stable and faster.

Main enhancements in the new PC-3000 UDMA:

  1. The new 88SA8052-64 QFN Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/Sec bridge chipset. The data transfer speed and the SATA ports stability have been increased.
  2. Jam-resistant package of coils with the 1.2V and 3.3V power supply regulator on Xilinx chipset. The stability of power supply and electromagnetic compatibility have been improved.
  3. Enhanced circuitry of the power control adapter. The connection of balanced capacitors has been changed. The printed board of the adapter has been improved for large currents.
  4. A highly reliable power supply connector - SATA POWER - has been used. The safety and stability of HDD power supply have been boosted.


It’s high time to upgrade the previous version of your PC-3000 PCI and green PC-3000 UDMA to the newest PC-3000 UDMA or PC-3000 Express functionality!

To get the renewed PC-3000 UDMA, please send a message to or contact your personal sales representative.

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ACE Lab took part in the 2nd INTERPOL Digital Forensics Experts Group Meeting that was conducted within the biggest international symposium on cyber-related issues in Asia - 18th “2017 International Symposium on Cybercrime Response” in Seoul, South Korea.

The 2nd INTERPOL Digital Forensics Experts Group Meeting gathered representatives of law enforcement and private sector, as well as the academia members, who worked together to identify and discuss the issues that arise on a daily basis, to share expertise and recent trends in digital forensics.

ACE Lab presented its latest technical solutions for digital forensics experts to investigate cybercrimes.

As criminals attempt to destroy storage devices and delete the data, recovering evidence from damaged storage devices can be crucial for digital forensics experts. Our report on this topic attracted considerable interest among the audience. The experts could see that the PC-3000 technologies overcome the hurdles faced with damaged HDD, SSD, Flash-based devices when no other methods work.


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ACE Lab’s HDD and SSD Training Courses for the first time in the USA and Canada!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 23 August 2017 07:46 PM

For years, ACE Lab has been conducting the Flash and Monolith Data Recovery Expert Training Courses in North America. This autumn, we are bringing the HDD and SSD Data Recovery Training to Norwalk, US, and Toronto, Canada! From now on, this Course for data recovery engineers and digital forensics experts will also be held on a regular basis.

Why come?

  • The widest range of data recovery practical tasks that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Three-day course can substitute for several months of persistent self-learning
  • Great opportunity to build a foundation of the must-know theory
  • Noticeable increase of your data recovery success rate straight after training

Hurry up to book your attendance!

Be the first in North America to get trained on HDD & SSD Data Recovery by the ACE Lab top engineers!

ACE Lab professional Training Courses are a rapid way to data recovery mastership. Once you visit our courses, you will definitely get the essential skills that you can directly apply to your job the day you leave the training. You will understand how to better solve data recovery cases even if you face something different from what you’ve learned at the courses.

More information about training courses is here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at!




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PC-3000 Technology for Data Recovery and Forensics Technical Conference
Posted by Administrator ACE on 15 August 2017 05:47 PM

Do you want to be at the forefront of the data recovery technology? If so, welcome to our “PC-3000 Technology for Data Recovery and Forensics Technical Conference”! The event is scheduled for the 4th of September, 2017 (Seoul, South Korea).

This free one-day conference will be conducted by ACE Lab together with our South Korean distributor Myung Information Technology Co., LTD. It will be followed by a series of specialized training sessions.
At the conference and training seminars, you will learn the newest technologies for recovering data and digital evidence from HDD, RAID, SSD and NAND-based devices (Flash & Monoliths).

The attendance reservation is actively underway in South Korea. The conference program and other details are here.

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New bunch of engineers are ready to face any data recovery challenge!
Posted by Maxim TS on 14 August 2017 11:20 AM

A summer vacation is the best time for travelling and… education! Another dozen of training sessions has been conducted for the ACE Lab customers at the class in Prague, the Czech Republic. Over the last 2 months, data recovery specialists and digital forensics experts from many countries attended our Training Courses.

At these courses, students learned how to solve the most widespread tasks, as well as the most difficult cases on their own. In spite of the different proficiency levels, each participant showed excellent results upon the completion of the training sessions. All of them received the official ACE Lab certificates.

Sharing knowledge and experience is the important part of our job. And the best award for us is the feedback from our customers after the training courses. Here is what Maxime Sauvayre says about our recent seminar on HDD recovery:

“I was expecting a lot from this training, and all my expectations were fulfilled, and even more. I was able to deepen my knowledge, and I think I'm now able to solve many more cases. Thanks again for this excellent training.”

You can see more testimonials on other training courses here.

Participating in our events and seminars is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of all the recent technologies and prepare for any data recovery challenge. Our training sessions help every data recovery specialist and digital forensics expert to come home much more experienced and qualified.

If you want to learn about our training programs or reserve your attendance at the upcoming training, please contact our Training Coordinator Ms. Kate at




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The complete video guide to unlock the Seagate F3 Rosewood drives
Posted by Administrator ACE on 01 August 2017 11:38 AM

Our long-awaited Seagate F3 solution has received a lot of feedback. To make the Rosewood drives unlocking process even clearer, our developers and top engineers have shot a video guide on how to unlock the Techno Mode in the Seagate F3 HDDs.

From this guide, you’ll learn how to use the Tech Mode Unlock in case of the “Diagnostic Port Locked” report. We will take you step by step through the HDD repairing process of our patient drive.

Watch this video instruction and start solving the Rosewood drives cases right now!

Furthermore, the new PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver. 6.3.14 is waiting for you in your Customer Update Boxes. With the new version, our software has become even more efficient and powerful!

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.
Please contact us to get information on how to receive the latest PC-3000 Software Updates.

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