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See the PC-3000 Solutions at FiFE’21, Spain!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 27 August 2021 12:58 PM

Join FiFE’21 to discover how the PC-3000 can help you in forensic data recovery!

The PC-3000 Solutions will be presented at the Digital Forensics Fair – Feria de Informática Forense en España (FiFE´21) – on September 30, 2021, in Spain. The event will be organized by the ACE Lab partner – the OnRetrieval company, and will take place at the El Beatriz Space on José Ortega y Gasset, nº 29, 28006, Madrid.

Digital forensic specialists from all over Spain, State Security Forces, experts in computer security, public entities and companies connected with the Forensic Computing area gather at FiFE to discuss the latest technological trends and innovations in the field. During the fair, you will be able to see the PC-3000 in action and to learn how you can use it to deal with damaged storage devices in the smartest way.


The attendance at the event is free of charge but the number of places is limited.
Pre-registration is required.
For more details you are welcome to contact our partners OnRetrieval


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How to Equip Your Lab in the Best Way?
Posted by Administrator ACE on 25 August 2021 07:45 PM

Do you get such cases in your data recovery/digital forensic lab? 
SSD (SATA/PCIe including Apple Macbook, AHCI and PCI-E Express x16 SSDs)
NAND Flash (USB Flash sticks, SD and microSD cards, CompactFlash cards, monoliths) 
mobile devices? 
ACE Lab has got you covered there! 
With the PC-3000 Professional Data Recovery Tools, you can deal with all these storage media devices    with the highest success rate.
You are welcome to contact us at to learn more about the PC-3000 Tools. 

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The ACE Lab PC-3000 Training Took Place at Teel Tech USA
Posted by Administrator ACE on 20 August 2021 01:43 PM

In August 2021, ACE Lab together with our partner Teel Technologies successfully conducted one more on-site data recovery training session in the USA.

It has been five years since data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts can attend the PC-3000 Data Recovery Training in North America.

The HDD training is an integral part of the ACE Lab regular program, together with the courses on recovering data from SSDs, Flash & Monoliths. This year data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts joined us at the PC-3000 HDD Data Recovery Expert Training. They got deeper knowledge about data and digital evidence recovery and already began to apply it to solve the cases that had seemed unrecoverable before.

The HDD Expert Training includes both in-depth theory and practical tasks. The course attendees discovered troubleshooting techniques for the burning issues and learned how to solve the widespread as well as the most difficult and sophisticated cases. This is one of the feedbacks from our students:

"I was extremely pleased ACE Labs sent Viktor [the ACE Lab Training Instructor] to instruct our class. He is extremely friendly, pleasant, well mannered, well spoken & does everything possible to assist the student without any frustration or hesitation. I cannot thank him enough for his time & patience. I am hoping ACE Labs can return to the USA again VERY SOON as I look forward to additional classroom instruction."

Greg Masi

Looking forward to meeting all our customers from North America at the PC-3000 training in the USA next time!

Hundreds of international specialists have already been certified by ACE Lab offline and online. Right now you can sign into the online data recovery training:


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Meet ACE Lab and the PC-3000 at FT-Day 2021, Germany!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 13 August 2021 04:49 PM

Meet the PC-3000 at the Forensic Technology Day 2021!

ACE Lab is glad to share its experience in forensic data recovery at FT-Day on September 29-30, 2021.

This year it is going to be a hybrid event held both live at our partner’s mh SERVICE GmbH headquarters in Kandel, Germany, and online. Law enforcement officers and government agencies will gather at this conference for the latest innovations and newest developments of the digital forensic industry.

A virtual platform will be streaming out live to 300 international visitors. So, you will be able to visit the exhibition virtually without travelling too!

ACE Lab will be represented at FT-Day 2021 onsite by mh SERVICE GmbH. We are also going to give a presentation and a workshop in the online format.



September 29, 2021
How to Get Access to Locked Mobile Phones and Decrypt the User Data Area Partitions with the PC-3000 Mobile Hard Key Method
Online The PC-3000 Mobile Hard Key Method: the New Way to Recover Data from Mobile Devices


The participation is free for all the registered specialists.
For more details you are welcome to contact our partners mh SERVICE GmbH


We are looking forward to sharing the ACE Lab knowledge with you at the FT-Day event!

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The PC-3000 Mobile is getting new supported devices! The Hard Key access method has been developed for the following Qualcomm-based smartphones:

Xiaomi Mi MAX 2 based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 [MSM8953] processor
► ASUS ZC554KL based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 [MSM8937] processor
► Caterpillar CAT S60 based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 [MSM8952] processor
► ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 [MSM8952] processor

To use this method, you need the Universal download cable from the PC-3000 Mobile delivery kit. An additional microUSB - USB Type-C adapter is also needed for some models. To switch the smartphone into the EDL (Emergency Download) mode, you need to connect the mentioned cable with the held button on it. Then you need to switch on the PC-3000 Mobile Software and to follow the steps described in the utility.

The Hard Key method for the mentioned smartphones will be available in the nearest PC-3000 Mobile Software Update.

Not a PC-3000 Mobile user yet?
Right now you can get your first PC-3000 Mobile with 2 years of Technical Support for it!

To get more details, please write to us at or press the button below:


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