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Meet the PC-3000 Forensic Expert Online Training!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 21 January 2022 05:36 PM

The ACE Lab PC-3000 Online Training has proved its efficiency by giving the data recovery specialists the opportunity to get the knowledge and practice with real cases without travelling. Up to this moment, the online training was available on the basic level which is required to start recovering data with the PC-3000. Within one year, 200 attendees took part in 90 PC-3000 Basic Data Recovery Online Training sessions and highly appreciated this experience.

Now, on popular demand from digital forensic experts, we are launching a new training type especially for the specialists from this field:
the PC-3000 Forensic Expert Online Training!

The new PC-3000 Forensic Expert Online Training lasts 3 days and is available in two options:

PC-3000 HDD Forensic Expert Online Training PC-3000 Flash Forensic Expert Online Training
3 days | Training program 3 days | Training program

During the PC-3000 Forensic Expert Online Training, experienced ACE Lab instructors will both transmit the valuable theoretical knowledge to you, and also do real practical tasks with you remotely. Mini-groups of up to 3 persons provide individual approach, so you can ask questions and receive help just like at the onsite training. Upon training completion, you get the official ACE Lab Certification about that.



The PC-3000 Forensic Expert Online Training is intended for law-enforcement organizations/affiliates and digital forensic experts. To get more information on the training booking, programs, dates, and conditions, please contact our Training Coordinator Jane at



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How to Access the Data on a Plextor PX 256M9PeGN SSD with Faulty Firmware
Posted by Administrator ACE on 13 January 2022 06:04 PM

Have you ever faced Plextor PX 256M9PeGN SSD with Faulty Firmware?
Learn how to access the data in such cases with the PC-3000 Portable III SSD System!

Watch our video on YouTube

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Winter Holidays Schedule 2022
Posted by Administrator ACE on 29 December 2021 01:05 PM

Dear friends!

Please note that ACE Lab Technical Support Team will be available on the special holiday schedule from December 30, 2021 till January 09, 2022.

During these days all the requests will be processed through tickets at only. Team Viewer will be available starting from January 10, 2022.

If you haven't received your activation/*.act file from or, please send *.arf file via ticket in our Technical Support System.

Don't forget to use our Forum and Blog – you can find a lot of answers to popular questions there.

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PC-3000 Data Recovery Training: Now in France Too!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 28 December 2021 06:29 PM


The PC-3000 Data Recovery Training is now available for French-speaking attendees in France!

The first session was the PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Advanced Training held on November 22-23 in Messein. It was provided by the Authorized ACE Lab Training Partner Tracip SAS.

The 7 trainees came from all over France to deepen their area of expertise in data recovery from NAND chips. The students appreciated the diversity and complexity of the cases. As a result of the training, they were able to understand the challenges of rebuilding data on NAND Flash memory.

ACE Lab and Tracip look forward to giving the PC-3000 Data Recovery Training again in 2022. We are currently planning a new session for the next year for Flash and HDD training in France.



You are welcome to contact our Training Coordinator Jane about the training booking, programs, dates, and conditions.

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The modern challenges in data recovery and digital forensics require state-of-the-art solutions and methods. To shed more light on this topic, we conducted the ACE Lab Free Webinar on December 15-16, 2021.

This online event was held for two time zones. It brought together 520 specialists who wanted to learn more about the solutions to the burning issues in HDD, SSD and mobile phone data recovery.

At the webinar, our engineers shared the ACE Lab experience in dealing with some of the modern challenges in data recovery & digital forensics, demonstrated real-life cases and answered the most popular questions.

Now, we are sharing the recording of the webinar so that you can rewatch it anytime!

Learn how to deal with the burning data recovery & digital forensic issues with ACE Lab!

You are welcome to contact for questions on the PC-3000 Tools.

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