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The PC-3000 Portable III Is Even Faster and More Powerful Now!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 23 March 2020 01:11 PM

ACE Lab developers continue enhancing the software of the PC-3000 Portable III System with new features for the user community. As a result, the most universal and powerful tool became even faster – now the speed of internal copying is up to 490 MB/s. We also added the support of HDDs and SSDs with a logical sector size other than 512 bytes that had not previously been possible. Besides, it’s no longer required to disable the Secure Boot option in UEFI (BIOS) before the PC-3000 Portable III installation.

Up to 490 MB/s speed for internal copying

The USB 3.0 interface restricts a port-to-port copying speed in the PC-3000 Portable III Data Extractor to 360 MB/s. That is why we have enhanced the firmware of the PC-3000 Portable III and implemented the “internal” copying to transfer data from port to port without involving a PC. In such a case, the attribute map is filled and the copy speed reaches up to 490 MB/s. To get the maximum possible speed, you need to use a large block for reading/writing procedures.

Copying from the SSD port to the PC-3000 Portable III port

The high-speed copying mode is activated automatically under the following conditions:

  • The drives are connected to the ports of the PC-3000 Portable III;
  • There is no need to transfer read data to a computer.

For example, if data is copied “on the card” and there are no “connected” alternative cards (which require reading data from the drive to fill them in), the copying will be performed “inside” the PC-3000 Portable III at maximum speed.

HDDs/SSDs with logical sector size other than 512 bytes are now supported

From now on, you can recover data from HDDs/SSDs with a logical sector size other than 512 bytes with the PC-3000 Portable III. Previously, it was not possible to implement such support due to the limitations of the Marvell 88SA8052 bridge in the PC-3000 Express/UDMA. Now, we have enhanced the firmware of the PC-3000 Portable III controller and the high-level software – the core of the PC-3000 Systems – to support this format.

Reading of the 2.5" drive with a logical sector size of 4048 byte

No longer need to disable the Secure Boot option in UEFI (BIOS) before the PC-3000 Portable III installation

We have developed and added to the latest software update new drivers to meet the requirements of the Microsoft Windows 10 OS digital signature:

  • Driver for the PC-3000 Portable III controller;
  • Driver for the virtual storage device mounting in OS

Previously it was not possible to install the PC-3000 Portable III Systems on the OEM laptops and brand PCs (such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, etc.), which have a Secure Boot option enabled in UEFI (BIOS), due to the Microsoft digital signature verification error. In this case, the customer had to reinstall his copy of Windows 10 to the boxed version (BOX) which allows disabling the Secure Boot option in UEFI (BIOS).

With the new drivers, you do not need to do this anymore, since you can install the PC-3000 Portable III System on PC's with active UEFI Secure Boot.

The new version of the software is available for download in your Personal Update Boxes.
If you have any questions, feel free to address them to our Technical Support.


Only 6 weeks left to get 2 years of free Technical Support services for your PC-3000 Portable III System! To take advantage of this offer, you need to buy the PC-3000 Portable III until May 1, 2020. For more details, please contact your personal Sales Representative or contact us at

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Each year, we look forward to meeting our PC-3000 community at the ACE Technology Conference on Data Recovery & Digital Forensics which is regularly held in Prague, the Czech Republic. Over the past few weeks, we have been closely monitoring the situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) to ensure we are taking the necessary measures to protect the health and safety of all our attendees. But the uncertainty is increasing at the moment. The Exceptional measures of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic prohibit conducting events for more than 100 people, as such we have to cancel the in-person component of the ACE Lab Tech Con 2020 this time.

However, we just can’t postpone the event since we have so much interesting to share with you! So we will host the free ACE Lab Technology Conference as an online experience!

All the topics, live demos, questions-answers will be available as they were scheduled for a live conference. The attendees will get the same bonuses: discount vouchers, useful online handouts, etc.

Attend the ACE Lab conference from work, home, or wherever you want:

Since we go online this year, we have decided to hold 2 equal ACE Lab Conferences for different time zones. Please note, that the first event will be conducted on Thursday, April 23, 2020.

For Europe, MEA, APAC

Date: April 23, 2020
Time: 10:00 am
(GMT+1: Prague, the Czech Republic)
For North & South Americas

Date: April 24, 2020
Time: 12:00 pm
(EDT: New York, the USA)

Those who have already registered for the ACE Lab Tech Con 2020 will automatically receive email updates about the online event. If you haven’t registered yet, book your seat now as the number of attendees is limited:



Attention: Only registered attendees are allowed. If several employees from one company are going to attend the conference, each of them should be registered separately.

ACE Lab reserves the right to refuse any registration without explaining the reason.

Application Deadline:

April 21, 2020

The conference agenda, exact time, and other details will be announced soon!

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The PC-3000 Portable III: New Features and Supported Devices
Posted by Administrator ACE on 12 March 2020 06:38 PM
The well-designed and flexible architecture of the PC-3000 Portable III allows the ACE Lab developers to continue enhancing this incredibly powerful product on the software and internal firmware levels. As such, you get a hardware-software tool that is constantly evolving by obtaining a lot of new features and supporting new models of storage media devices, along with new standards and interfaces.

There are so many features that have been added to the PC-3000 Portable III just within one month:

  • The SD and micro SD memory cards support. To recover data and evidence, you additionally need a simple 2-in-1 USB card reader. The supported capacities are 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB.

  • The Apple MacBook SSD Support: M.2 NGFF PCI-e NVMe Macbook SSD 2013-2017 (12+16 pin). To deal with such devices, you additionally need a MacBook Air / Pro Retina 2013-2017 SSD to M.2 NGFF key adapter.

The NVMe PCIe (SSD) adapter with installed MacBook Air / Pro SSD adapter

  • The “Diagnostics” section of the Standalone Mode now has the “View sector” Mode in hexadecimal and symbolic form. So you can check if there is any data on the drive and whether this data is encrypted. Besides, you can view the MBR and GPT tables, along with boot sectors of the partitions, and much more! This mode expends the scope of the PC-3000 Portable III in the Standalone Mode (without a host computer).

Viewing the MBR table of the storage media


Just to remind you: the users who buy the PC-3000 Portable III until May 1, 2020, get 2 years of free Technical Support services for their PC-3000 Portable III System!

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Beware of scam
Posted by Maxim TS on 25 February 2020 06:12 PM

As you know, sometimes fraudsters use the well-known company names to for scam purposes.
Please remember, that ACE Lab company or ACE Lab staff never ask anyone to wire money for something different than PC-3000 tools, training and technical support.
If you receive any suspicious message, always check it before making any actions.

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Put the ACE Lab Free Technology Conference on Data Recovery & Digital Forensics 2020 on your calendar!

The world's biggest data recovery engineers meeting will take place on April 24, 2020, at the Cubex Centrum Praha in Prague, the Czech Republic. Even more technological discoveries, step-by-step guides, and discussions with peers from many countries are waiting for you there. And it's absolutely free!

As per usual, you’ll be able to chat directly with the ACE Lab decision-makers, developers, and engineers, ask them your questions and find out new data recovery techniques to raise the data and evidence recovery success rates even further.

Who. When. Where.

The ACE Lab Technology Conference is the most important and anticipated event for anybody involved in data recovery:
  • Data Recovery companies
  • Startups in the data recovery
  • Computer repair shops
  • HDD repair/data recovery engineers
  • Police departments
  • Government and law enforcement agencies
  • Digital Forensics laboratories
  • Educational centers and universities
Date: April 24, 2020
Time: 10.00 am, the attendee check-in starts at 9.30 am
Place: Cubex Centrum Praha, Na Strzi 2097/63, 140 00 Prague 4
Underground station: Pankrac, "Red" line - "C"

The nearest hotels:
Occidental Praha -
Hotel Attic -
OYA Hotel -

The conference agenda and other details will appear on our website shortly.
Can’t wait to see you in Prague!

Book your seat now!

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Technology Breakthrough: the PC-3000 Portable III is now available!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 20 January 2020 11:49 AM

ACE Lab is proud to present the result of 5 years of research and development! Meet the all-new approach to recovering data and evidence from modern storage media — the incredibly efficient and convenient tool: the PC-3000 Portable III!


The most powerful. Easy-to-use. One of a kind.
Are you ready to be one of the first?

The much anticipated hardware-software solution for on-site data and evidence recovery from logically or/and physically damaged SATA/PATA*/USB Hard Disk Drives, NVMe/SATA Solid-State Drives, and RAID is now available for purchase! The types of supported storage media devices depend on the system you choose:

  • PC-3000 Portable III System (for SATA/PATA/USB HDDs)
  • PC-3000 Portable III SSD System (for SATA/PATA/USB HDDs and NVMe/SATA SSDs)
  • PC-3000 Portable III RAID System (for SATA/PATA/USB HDDs and RAID)
  • PC-3000 Portable III Ultimate System (for SATA/PATA/USB HDDs, NVMe/SATA SSDs, and RAID)

*To deal with PATA HDD, you need to use an additional PC SATA-PATA (HDD) adapter (can be purchased optionally).

Breakthrough: M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Support! Faster and Easier Work with USB HDD/SSD/Flash drives



Hardware Write Protection                                            Logging and Reports Generation




Brand-new Standalone Mode

to create data images
with up to 500 MB/s speed

Enhanced Easy Mode

to solve simple cases quickly

High-end Full-Featured Mode

to recover as many cases of different complexity as ever possible


All information on the operating modes, other technical features, updates, and the delivery kit is HERE.



The PC-3000 Portable III has a very powerful architecture, that is planned to incorporate a decade of future research with software updates. We are very much in favour of supporting technological explorers who are the first to master new inventions. That is why the users who buy the PC-3000 Portable III until May 1, 2020, get 2 years of free Technical Support services for their PC-3000 Portable III Systems!



To order your PC-3000 Portable III System, please contact us at

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