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ACE Lab took part in the 2nd INTERPOL Digital Forensics Experts Group Meeting that was conducted within the biggest international symposium on cyber-related issues in Asia - 18th “2017 International Symposium on Cybercrime Response” in Seoul, South Korea.

The 2nd INTERPOL Digital Forensics Experts Group Meeting gathered representatives of law enforcement and private sector, as well as the academia members, who worked together to identify and discuss the issues that arise on a daily basis, to share expertise and recent trends in digital forensics.

ACE Lab presented its latest technical solutions for digital forensics experts to investigate cybercrimes.

As criminals attempt to destroy storage devices and delete the data, recovering evidence from damaged storage devices can be crucial for digital forensics experts. Our report on this topic attracted considerable interest among the audience. The experts could see that the PC-3000 technologies overcome the hurdles faced with damaged HDD, SSD, Flash-based devices when no other methods work.


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