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The ACE Lab Online TechCon 2020: What’s on the schedule?
Posted by Administrator ACE on 16 April 2020 02:31 PM

There is only one week left until the ACE Lab Online Technology Conference 2020 starts. It is the first time when the world’s biggest meeting on data recovery & digital forensics will take place online.

We have prepared a lot of very interesting and very useful information for you! Some of the features have been just added, so you can be among the first to know the latest innovations in the data recovery area!

Do not miss the chance to participate in this one-time online experience without leaving your home or office! If you haven’t registered yet, please fill out the form below as soon as possible. The registration closes on April 21, 2020!




ACE Lab Online Conference Agenda

The event will take place twice, so you can choose the best time for attendance depending on your time zone. The schedule is the same for both days of the conference.

Please be sure to check the exact time when the conference begins:

On April 23, the event starts at 10:00 (GMT+1) - check the time in your time zone
On April 24, the event starts at 12:00 (EDT)

- check the time in your time zone 

April 23 Opening April 24
(GMT +1)
Part I

PC-3000 Portable III in 2020. The unique universal solution for any type of storage media

Standalone mode: a handy tool for fast drive diagnosis without a host computer
Easy Mode: a few click solution for digital forensic examiners and beginners in data recovery
Other features of the new PC-3000 Portable III product. Future plans.

  Q&A session

5 min break

Part II

The most efficient solutions to the modern HDDs challenges

Western Digital: the translator, the drive zeroing issue, and the write blocking in modern SMR drives
Seagate: the issues of "No HOST..." and Device Fault – [SOLVED]. The write blocking

  Q&A session

10 min break

Part III

PC-3000 SSD for NVMe interface: a showcase in action

The evolution of PCIe Solid State Drives
The growing market of PCIe NVMe SSDs: challenges and expectations
Logically and physically damaged NVMe drives. The real-life case study

  Q&A session

The trusted power of the PC-3000 Flash

What’s new in the PC-3000 Flash software

  Q&A session

5 min break

Part IV

A review of new features in Data Extractor

How to use additional maps: the theory and examples
The new abilities of the NTFS analysis
Data Extractor upgraded with new functions


Q&A session

(GMT +1)
Closing notes 16:00
April 23 April 24

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