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Each day our developers work hard, so you can implement their latest discoveries in your data recovery job. Hurry up to enhance your PC-3000 system with the following English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese software updates:

PC-3000 Portable-II/Portable-III/Express/UDMA-e version 6.8.11
Data Extractor/Data Extractor RAID Edition version 5.11.7
PC-3000 SSD/PC-3000 SSD Extended version 2.9.6

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.

Please contact us to learn more on how to become an authorized technical support user and receive all of the recent PC-3000 Software Updates:




PC-3000 Portable, Express, UDMA

Seagate F3

 ADDED  ability to delete a certain extent from the chain in the MCMT plug-in
 ENHANCED  control of lost readiness for updating microcode
 ENHANCED  data integrity control in the CELog clearing patch in ROM
 ENHANCED  the MCMT report (related to error handling for TRIM extents and object count report)
 ENHANCED  method of BootCode initialization and power-off handling (to set the terminal rate at 38400)
 ENHANCED  ROM dump parsing and uploading ROM from a file to RAM by the Hex edit button

PC-3000 Portable III

PC-3000 Kernel

 ENHANCED  launch of the SAS drives utilities
 ENHANCED  algorithm of reading information from the Power Supply Controller (preventing an occasional high-frequency sound from the PC-3000 Portable III tool)

Win Disk Utility

 ENHANCED  SAS drives mounting in terms of SAT protocol requests

Data Extractor

NTFS File System

 ENHANCED  stability of the "Parse $LogFile" analysis

PC-3000 SSD Extended

Plextor Marvell SSD

 ENHANCED  Plextor M9 (88SS1093) Utility + minor bugfixes

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