PC-3000 Data Recovery Training: Now in France Too!
Posted by Administrator ACE on 28 December 2021 06:29 PM


The PC-3000 Data Recovery Training is now available for French-speaking attendees in France!

The first session was the PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Advanced Training held on November 22-23 in Messein. It was provided by the Authorized ACE Lab Training Partner Tracip SAS.

The 7 trainees came from all over France to deepen their area of expertise in data recovery from NAND chips. The students appreciated the diversity and complexity of the cases. As a result of the training, they were able to understand the challenges of rebuilding data on NAND Flash memory.

ACE Lab and Tracip look forward to giving the PC-3000 Data Recovery Training again in 2022. We are currently planning a new session for the next year for Flash and HDD training in France.



You are welcome to contact our Training Coordinator Jane about the training booking, programs, dates, and conditions.

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